American Center for Psychiatry and Neurology, Alzheimer’s disease treatment in Abu Dhabi, gives you this article that explains the beneficial effects of a vitamin that can help you prevent or slow down having Alzheimer’s disease.

According to research, a VITAMIN present in dozens of foods may protect against Alzheimer’s disease. The rapidly increasing condition, which affects millions of individuals each year, has no cure. New research at the University of Delaware led by Professor Jessica Tanis provides new insight into how it can be avoided.

They conducted their research using worms, which become entirely paralyzed when they develop Alzheimer’s disease. A build-up of proteins in and around brain cells is assumed to be the origin of Alzheimer’s disease, the most prevalent form of dementia. The protein amyloid, which forms plaques around brain cells and destroys memory, is one of the proteins responsible. Prof Tanis and his colleagues revealed that these proteins prevent worms from squirming within 36 hours of adulthood.

The researchers found that a key vitamin could halt the development of Alzheimer’s by adjusting the worm’s diet. They are valuable in Alzheimer’s studies, regardless of the fact that worms are clearly not human.

“The worms we employ all have the same genetic background,” Prof Tanis said. “They react to amyloid beta-like humans do, and we can precisely control what they consume, so we can get down to the chemical mechanisms in action.”

The team determined that while all of the worms were fed E. coli, one strain of E. coli had higher vitamin B12 levels than the others after years of study.

“When we supplied vitamin B12 to the worms that were vitamin B12 deficient, paralysis happened significantly more slowly, which informed us right away that B12 was advantageous,” Prof Tanis added.

“B12-deficient worms had better energy levels and less oxidative stress in their tissues.”

The study, published in Cell Reports, discovered that adding the vitamin to the meal only helped if the mice were lacking in it.

The study, published in Cell Reports, discovered that supplementing the diet with the vitamin only worked if the mice were lacking in it. As a result of the B12 supplementation, the worms’ amyloid levels were unaffected, suggesting it neutralizes its effects.

“We’ve basically uncovered this molecular pathway, and now we’re studying to see what else it triggers,” Prof Tanis added.

“Does vitamin B12 protect people from neurodegenerative illnesses like ALS and Parkinson’s?” It’s something we’re investigating. Alzheimer’s disease does not currently have an effective treatment.

Getting older and having a genetic predisposition to Alzheimer’s disease are both factors that you cannot change. “However, you do have some influence over what you consume. It would be amazing if people could alter their diet to delay the start of the disease. We’re excited to investigate that further in my lab.”

Only animal sources of B12, such as dairy products, eggs, fish, meat, and poultry, can be eaten. B12-rich foods include beef, sardines, animal liver, salmon, and yogurt. Vegans are especially vulnerable to B12 deficiency and acquired anemia because they do not eat meat or dairy. Supplements or fortified meals can provide them with B12.

According to the NHS, vitamin B12 insufficiency can cause consequences such as nervous system disorders, cardiac problems, temporary infertility, and pregnancy difficulties. Researchers have previously connected a deficiency of this vitamin to dementia, with some even claiming that Marmite, which is high in B12, could protect against it.

Alzheimer’s Research UK’s Head of Translational Science, Dr. James Connell, who wasn’t part of the study, said significant research has been conducted to see if vitamin B12 can stave off Alzheimer’s disease without a pre-existing vitamin deficiency. However, he claims that “vitamin B12 supplementation does not provide further protection” based on current research.

“While worm research can help with broader attempts to identify illness causes and new therapies, clinical trials in people are the only way to see if prospective new techniques would alleviate people’s symptoms,” Dr. James told Science Focus.

Thousands of synapses connect every part of the human brain, surpassing the number of stars in our galaxy.

“Studies like this in worms can assist understanding the impact of a prospective treatment and speed up medicine development.” Whether or not B12 can prevent Alzheimer’s disease in people, is still a crucial part of a balanced diet.

To help prevent Alzheimer’s disease, experts suggest that eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, quitting smoking, limiting alcohol consumption, and having diabetes and blood pressure under control are some of the only strategies.

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